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Nutri Low Carb Range

We have a Nutri Low Carb range which is wheat and sugar free, high in protein and safe for diabetics to consume, and did we mention oh-so delicious too! Baked daily with only the finest ingredients, we have a range of breads and rolls to choose from.


As much as we love to be and feel healthy, a well balanced diet requires some sugar (in moderation of course!) and thats why we have a selection of confectioneries for you to choose from! Whether its tea time, a special occasion, a picnic, you'll find something in our confectionery range to make it worth your while!

Rye Bread Range

We don't like to brag but when it comes down to rye bread, we've made somewhat of a name for ourselves! In fact, if you love rye bread as much as we do be sure to check out the various rye breads we sell.

Cant get enough of our products? Put a basket together!

We love to give back!

When you put a basket together your not only getting a bunch of high-quality, tasty, and good for you baked goods, your also getting a discount too! Yes, that's right, if you put a basket together that's over R500 in value then you are guaranteed free shipping!

"A tradition of quality since 1939"

Quality Control

  • All our products are traceable from our suppliers by means of COA’s. We only use the highest quality flour, seeds and almonds which are locally sourced.
  • Our Food Safety Officers ensure the temperature and sanitizing procedures are closely monitored whilst our products are all thoroughly checked by our Quality Controller.
  • We use a natural steaming process to sterilize our product which slows down bacterial growth.

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