Allergen Information

Please be aware that at French Confectionery adhere to the strictest standards in manufacturing our products and take the greatest care to avoid cross contamination, we are however required to mention all possible allergens on our product labels. Always read our labels on any of our products to see what our allergens are or view our table below which states what our Rye Bread Range contains & what our Nutri Low Carb Range contains. The main allergens in our products are, Tree Nuts, Oats and Wheat Gluten.

Some of our Allergen Procedures

  • Equipment and contact surfaces are always cleaned between production runs whenever there is a change in allergenic ingredients. (To prevent even the smallest amount of cross contamination.)
  • Staff members handling allergens are expected to use a clean cloth as well as surface cleaning chemicals to prevent any contamination. This is always done between production runs.
  • In regard to cold storage of our finished products, a separation system is strictly adhered to and monitored.
  • All our allergenic ingredients are stored separate and labelled accordingly to prevent accidents within the production line.
  • Lastly, an allergen control officer is always appointed to oversee the handling of allergens.

Please note: The above image depicts tree nuts, oats, & gluten.


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