Whether you are living a low-carb life, or have strict dietary requirements, our Nutri Low Carb range is sure to meet all your needs. You can think of French Confectionery as your go-to low-carb online bakery. Here, you can rest assured that all your dietary restrictions are catered for. Our products are diabetic-friendly, low-carb friendly, keto-friendly, banting-friendly, locally sourced, sugar free, high in protein, as well as incredibly tasty! Remember, living a low-carb life isn’t that difficult when you have the right substitutes. With our goods, you can stop having to skip on pizza and burger night because at French Confectionery, we can make living a low-carb life as easy as possible. Choose from our wide range of Nutri low-carb confectioneries, which include our burger buns, croissants, focaccia, garlic loaves, hotdog rolls, naan bread, pita breads, pizza bases, and wraps, to name a few.

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